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We are known in the industry for being able to diagnose difficult problems. It is not uncommon for other shops in town to bring their own as well as their
customers cars to us when they are unable to diagnose or repair the problem. In many cases, these cars received unnecessary repairs prior to our seeing them. This is one of the reasons I chose Accurate Automotive Diagnosis in the business name.

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Most people don’t understand the difficulty there can be in accurately diagnosing a vehicle. They believe the computer will tell us everything and that is simply not the case. What they don’t realize is that the cheaper repair isn’t cheaper if the repair is not the correct repair. We are not like most shops who just throw parts at cars hoping the problem gets fixed. We take painstaking efforts to ensure what we replace is warranted. We also go the extra mile in providing our customers with accurate cost estimates. While the estimate may not be the cheapest, we can assure you that it accurately reflects what the expectation should be. We do not pull the bait and switch approach you may have experienced at other shops. These are what truly set us apart from other shops in town and across the country. I take great pride in providing these services and in knowing that our customers are receiving automotive service and repairs that are second to none.


"The team at Accurate Automotive are very friendly. They fixed a rattle in my vehicle for cheap. They drove it, lifted the vehicle in the air, searched inside throughly. They explained what they found and also answered a few extra questions I had regarding my vehicle."

-Mark K. Tucson, AZ

"Love this shop. My family has been going here for more then 12 years. They're honest, helpful and trustworthy. They always do quality work and will not try to up sell you anything you don't need. If you're looking for an auto shop, look no further."

-Timothy 'n Melonie R.

"I have been utilizing Accurate Automotive since they opened for all of my vehicles. I have never had better service from an auto repair and maintenance facility. The diagnostic abilities of this shop are top of the line, the employees are very well trained on all tools available, and their abilities are off the charts. I once had Brian diagnose an issue on my car, because he heard something from across the shop while I was leaving. He quickly grabbed a wrench and ran over to resolve it in literally a matter of seconds."

-Josh M.

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